This is a project I did in my second year of studying Graphic Design. We were required to choose a location of our choice and then use mixed media to create a map that indicates points of interest. The location I choose was Kyoto – Japan. Size: A2, Medium: Watercolour, ink, fine liner, coffee, 3D elements…

TOY – Photography

This was one of my projects I did for Photography in my 2nd year of studying Graphic Design. We were required to buy or use children’s toys and then place them in a scene or setting, trying to make it as realistic as possible concerning the outcome. So I brought some wild west toys, just like the…

Inner Peace

It is not very often that I get the time or the chance to do something creative that is not work or school related and do something creative that I want to do without any work or school related restrictions or rules to follow. This was done in watercolour and ink on canvases that were…

Split Personality

This was a project I did for one of my subjects, Drawing, in second year Graphic Design. We had to draw our self-portrait in three different styles, triangulation, scribbling and a realistic like a sugar skull (day of the dead). The medium was fine liner and watercolour on A2.

Surrealistic Photography

This was a project we had in one of my subjects in University, Photography. For this project, we had the freedom to do any type of photography we wanted to, so I choose surrealistic photography. I achieved it by taking pictures of random items and then taking them through an editing process combining certain elements to…

Double Exposure <3

This is an added extra I did for one of my projects in Photography (one of my University subjects in Graphic Design). We had to take portrait pictures using window light for a light source. I desired to do a double exposure for this picture among the other pictures i took.


This is some pictures I took for Photography, one of my university subjects in Graphic Design. The projects goal was to either take landscape or cityscape pictures, my choice was landscape. Overall I feel it was a successful project.


This was a project i did in Drawing, one of my University subjects in Graphic Design. We had to create an interesting composition with a story behind it, then we had to draw the approved composition by stating with a single line  and ending with a single line, without trying to lift up the fine…

Portrait = Perspective

  This was one of my 1st year drawing projects in University, Graphic Design. We had to draw a portrait of a student that is studying at the varsity and combine that with a photograph we took of any building on campus. So I combined the two by drawing the portrait of one of my fellow students, who…

Depth of Field

This was photographs I had to shoot in my 1st year of University, in Photography. The project we were working on was basically teaching us how to use depth of field in photography. These are some of the photographs I took during that project.

The sitting place

This was one of a few things I had to draw for my application to study Graphic Design. We had to draw a chair, piece of fabric, two boxes and a vase or a glass. This was the result.